Motorsports Insurance

Do we know toys?? Our agents live the life style. We live and breath our motor sports.

I am an avid water sports and motocross enthusiast. We are connected to our customers by the common love we share. We live for the weekends when we are set free to ride, bike, ski, buggy etc.

Insure the was founded on the premise that the motor sports lifestyle is specialized. Most insurance agents do not understand our special needs. As a fellow motor sports enthusiast, we are able to custom tailor insurance programs to meet product specific needs. We utilize a number of specialized insurance programs to provide you with the best value and coverage for your recreational and motor sport vehicles.

One thing we have learned over the years: a one insurance carrier approach is not the best. One insurance company may work best for your jet ski, and another for your RV. Don’t be fooled by agents that try and lure you in with multi policy discounts. This will only lock you into one insurance carrier and make it difficult to move.
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